The Brand Story

SKS Glamour was born in 2019 from the creativity of its founder, Mariam AlSuwaidi, and aims to become an authoritative presence in the world of luxury fashion brands.

Inspired by Europe’s elegance and delicate scent of high-end perfumes, Mariam began her journey in the fashion universe when she was only a child. Her passion for vibrant colors and haute-couture details blend to create unique clothing lines that bring together the most delicate fabrics, precious elements, and nature-inspired patterns.

The brand now proposes a collection of ready-to-wear garments, haute-couture attire, and a selection of inspiring floral perfumes. Our long-term goal is to put the UAE on the map of luxury fashion alongside countries like France, Italy, and the UK.

Our Products

Elegant lines. Luxury details. Subtle fragrances. Discover our product lines.

Ready to Wear

SKS Glamour’s ready-to-wear line addresses the cosmopolitan individual with professional ambitions and entrepreneurial aspirations. High-quality imported fabrics and handmade elements are the fundaments of a timeless, ageless collection that can accommodate all life circumstances. Easy to wear, convenient and comfortable, our designs deliver an efficient simplicity enhanced by a meticulous sense of detail.

Haute Couture

Classic French savoir-faire mixed with modern sensibility lay the basis of our haute couture collections. These garments feature the most sought-after details applied to luxury fabrics such as organza, tulle, printed brocade, and printed chiffon. Fluid and aerial blends with plastic, architectural lines in an extreme expression of sophistication. A nostalgic yet radical approach suited for the powerful spirits.


Floral scents inspired by nature, pastel shades, and luxury packaging define our line of unique fragrances. Like our clothing lines, our perfumes are delicate and powerful at the same time. They attract, inspire, and seduce, an essential accessory to express yourself every day. If our clothes outline the wearer’s personality, our exclusive fragrances are the expression of their souls.


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SKS Glamour

SKS Glamour