The nerd receives the female: Our favorite socially mismatched television couples

The nerd receives the female: Our favorite socially mismatched television couples

We like a great underdog story. specially when there’s relationship engaging. There’s little because satisfying as viewing an adorable comic publication nerd win the center associated with the prom queen — or witnessing a quarterback trip head-over-heels for a math nerd.

We’ve opted for our 12 favored stories of embarrassing personal misfits getting the girl — or man — of the aspirations. Needless to say, it willn’t always work out. but also for one shining time, cafeteria hierarchy is shown obsolete. John Hughes will be pleased.

Click through the gallery and determine whether your ‘ship produced the cut!

The lady: Uber hottie Summer (Rachel Bilson) got so cool she didn’t have any idea Seth’s label. She is prom queen perhaps not once, but twice. And no people is ever going to say “Chino? Ew!” quite the way in which she did.

Your: the guy sat within toddlers’ dining table after all the club happenings, frequently have his sneakers urinated in by mad h2o polo users, and he known as his boat after the lady before she also knew their name.

The storyline: generally, there was no possibility of this lady actually ever resisting their geeky appeal. They totally have married! And we cried! (FOX)

The girl: without exactly near the top of the social steps, Tyra (Adrianne Palicki) was actually an unquestionable hottie, with a bad-girl charm which had Dillon’s the majority of qualified bachelors simply praying she’d get drunk enough to dance using them.

Your: Landry (Jesse Plemmons) had been top honors singer of a Christian rock-band also known as Crucifictorious. While he gotn’t exactly a looker, he previously a-sharp language — and, because the class mathematics geek, the guy produced a fantastic tutor for the poor woman on a path to redemption.

The story: essentially, they accidentally murdered a rapist, tried to include it up, and decrease crazy, with what would become the just storyline that experts virtually disliked widely. These two didn’t become collectively, nevertheless they did create one another best everyone. Colorado permanently. Etc. (NBC)

Their: Cordelia ( charm Carpenter ) got their typical common supporter at a high class found on a hellmouth. She’s shallow, so when we first see this lady, she’s becoming rather harsh to geeky Willow.

Him: Willow’s BFF, Xander ( Nicholas Brendon ), had been predicated on collection inventor Joss Whedon . He’s a nerd with an unrequited crush on Buffy, so basically, he’s got sidekick composed all-over him.

The storyline: Cordelia and Xander try to keep their own connection peaceful, but when phrase becomes on about it peculiar partners, Cordelia’s popular buddies kick her out from the inner circle. The guy casts a love spell to fix products, and despite the fact that it backfires spectacularly, she’s charmed by his efforts. Sadly, when he hooks up with Willow, she can’t forgive his transgression. She ended up on “Angel,” the spin-off. (Warner Bros.)

Her: the gorgeous, though significantly self-absorbed Rachel Green (Jennifer Aniston) is the most famous girl and mind cheerleader the lady highschool. After a runaway bride minute, she reconnects along with her best friend Monica.

Your: Monica’s cousin, Ross (David Schwimmer) was pining for Rachel since she got her genuine nostrils. He was a paleontologist with a Ph.D. He considered it absolutely was best if you embrace a monkey called Marcel.

The storyline: After a seemingly endless will-they-or-won’t-they, Ross and Rachel at long last get-together. (Go on, observe their particular earliest hug time and time again. You understand you wish to.) Around show’s 10 months there are many ups and downs (including having a daughter collectively) and we all congested around our very own TV displays your show finale, whenever they at long last met up permanently and ever before. (NBC)

Their: The wealthiest, prettiest girl at western Bev, Naomi (AnnaLynne McCord) is kind of a bitch, but we can’t let but love the girl. One-time she punched all of us in the face. It absolutely was awesome.

Him: maximum is such a dork which sugar daddy he nearly gets Naomi expelled as a result of their compulsive have to submit best homework. Really.

The story: Though he is a geek, maximum (Josh Zuckerman) have an associate of their own to protect, so both of these hold their own passionate partnership under wraps for a while. Whenever things are unveiled, it is immediately destroyed by his parents attempting to submit your from the their. Oh, and she might be pregnant. Unless she’s sleeping regarding it. So there’s that. (The CW)

The girl: Penny ( Kaley Cuoco ) is fairly, blonde, and midwestern. She’s a social butterfly and a pop society junkie, unlike. people she hangs away with. In accordance with some computations, she’s dated 180 guys.

Him: Leonard (Johnny Galecki) try a physicist from nj just who likes to don physics-themed t-shirts. Their center name is “Leakey.” He’s a huge buff of Klingon Boggle. Need we state a lot more?

The storyline: they got their until Season 2, but sooner or later, Penny fell for Leonard, too. Their particular union got the good and the bad — because this are tvs, and things has got to happen — but she ultimately admitted that she should really be with Leonard. Unfortunately. that was immediately before Leonard caught their starting up with his buddy Raj. Oops? (CBS)

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