Concurrently this cards maybe a caution that your particular companion is feeling because of this towards

Concurrently this cards maybe a caution that your particular companion is feeling because of this towards

The Hanged people (XII) — the twelfth credit associated with the Major Arcana — indicates that you happen to be at a crossroads and want so that get of the past in order to get to your new reality. Getting there is something your highly longing, yet it’s going to likely incorporate some sacrifice.

Graphic Aspects and Symbolism

As the Hanged people may well initially look like a bad omen, this is exactlyn’t always true.

Even though the credit illustrates a man holding upside down from a tree with his hands behind his back, there clearly was a halo-like light around their mind, just like just how saints had been portrayed in artwork stemming through the Middle Ages. This may advise martyrdom, nevertheless phrase he wears just isn’t of depression or dismay, but alternatively of satisfaction, suggesting he could be at tranquility with his condition.

The forest he’s hanging from by one foot falls under the residing industry, achieving doing the heavens, while its roots, by contrast, continue to be deep into the underworld. The peaceful find on Hanged Man’s face suggests they are there by his ohlala very own will, and even though their proper feet is likely to the branches, his left-foot stays complimentary.

His fingers include behind his in a posture generating an inverted triangle, which are often translated to be symbolic of his capacity to manipulate their existing circumstances.

Their yellow pants represent the real body and enthusiasm, even though the blue of his shirt symbolizes peaceful behavior, the red-blue tone combo again commonly of Catholic saints.

The Hanged Man Credit as one

The Hanged guy understands that the position he’s in is regarded as give up, potentially to repent for earlier sins, or a calculated take a step back to reevaluate his subsequent progress. That is not wasted opportunity, however, given that Hanged Man understands that he’s simply awaiting the best opportunity to show up, and until it will, their road forward will remain suspended.

He’s self-confident — perhaps excessively so — that he will recognize this options anytime it presents itself, therefore for the moment he’s over fine simply waiting it.

The Hanged Man credit also can represent indecision, and as such he or she is susceptible to not knowing these opportunities if they carry out started to your. Therefore the guy stays forever in limbo, stuck within his indecision, their primary action getting non-action.

Hanged Guy — Daniel Rodda

The Hanged Guy Upright: Great Definitions

The Hanged Man in an upright situation indicates that you’re in an unsatisfied scenario, caught in a rut or a bad state of mind you’ll want to free your self from. It can also be interpreted as anxiety over which path to bring.

Start thinking about going beyond yourself for a minute to change your perspective and figure out what was stunting how you’re progressing.

Fancy and connections

If you find yourself in a commitment, the Hanged guy is actually indicating you may be a lot more unhappy with your lover than you realize. Whilst it may be unpleasant, it’s energy for you personally reconsider your connection and perchance bid a fond adieu to your recent partner.

both you and opening the relationship from an innovative new views by themselves, deciding whether or not it’s really worth continuing. This is exactlyn’t necessarily an adverse, as the mate could possibly be realizing that they’ve wronged you previously and want to revive the relationship.

If you are solitary, attracting the Hanged people could be a sign that you need to release anyone, thinking, or conditions being keeping you unsatisfied. Should you decide however yearn for an ex-lover, the Hanged guy try telling you it’s time and energy to release these emotions, that at this stage they portray a bad planning structure that only brings you aches.


You are stuck in a rut and fed up with your task or career. Now is the time to find out if there was realistically anything you can create to switch the problem. If there isn’t, then you need to take a step back and bide time for the moment, products at some point transform the much better — simply perhaps not quite when you wish. This could be fun time to begin trying to find a unique tasks or type of operate.


This is the time to reevaluate your own link to cash. Should you decide’ve come stingy, starting sharing a number of the wide range — doing this could be a lot more advantageous than you imagine. Alternately, any time you constantly appear to be picking right on up the case for every little thing, settle-back and allowed some other person get it done for an alteration. Basically, you have to do the contrary of everything’ve been performing with your riches.

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