Brand DNA

Mission & Vision

SKS Glamour’s mission is to create, produce, and distribute high-end clothing, accessories, and perfume lines on international markets. We aim to become an established Arab brand capable of evolving the fashion style in the Gulf region, and we also aim to play a role as fashion educators. Our ultimate goal is to demonstrate that everyone can feel comfortable wearing luxury clothes and help our customers boost their confidence and be brave with their style.

SKS Glamour is the result of its founder’s vision – that of including Dubai and the UAE on the world fashion map alongside famous fashion capitals like Paris, Milan, London, and New York. Mariam also fights to change the status quo of women fashion designers in the Middle East region, a world currently predominated by men.

Core Values

Exclusive and Relevant

At SKS Glamour, we celebrate the uniqueness of each individual and respect the diversity of humankind. Everyone has the right to feel special and perfectly comfortable in the garments they wear, and we know the “one-size-fits-all” concept can’t work in the long term. We aim to gain our customers’ loyalty providing them with bespoke fashion and customizable solutions. Our clothing lines are exclusive and relevant to each individual.

Contrast and Harmony

For SKS Glamour, contrast is an exhaustible source of stimulus and inspiration. The distinction between fabrics and precious elements such as crystals or handmade embroideries generates harmony, a value that manifests in a style that reconciles luxury and street, excess and rigor, tradition and innovation, dream and reality.


For SKS Glamour, creativity is the essence that gives life to garments. We create original products that express in a unique style yet are in-line with the market expectations. Suiting the cosmopolitan individual, our collections are modern yet timeless at the same time and aim to become the highest expression of the art of fashion.


For SKS Glamour, innovation is the fuel that pushes us forward. We aim to be the pioneers that bring Arab fashion to international markets. We value continuous improvement, resurgence, and creativity. Our purpose is to innovate designs, products, and processes with responsibility and integrity.

Quality and Honesty

For SKS Glamour, quality and honesty are fundamental values that guide the conduct of all people who contribute to the realization of our brand mission. In the exercise of our business, we aim to maintain a sustainable behavior, listen and communicate with our customers, and encourage individuality. We value high-quality, handmade designs, and make our mission to deliver luxury fashion at approachable prices.


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SKS Glamour

SKS Glamour